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You have reached the old how to prepare a research proposal of the notes for Informational Society You have reached the old version of the notes for Informational Society. To reach the new version of the notes click here. Discovery, Invention and Innovation. Objective: Define discovery, invention, and innovation. Discuss the interactions between these activities. Discuss the incentive system promoting each. Briefly discuss the evolution of institutions promoting these activities. Next, whats a good thesis statement on rosa parks two learning strategies that promote innovation. Then, discuss the impact of constant advance of technology on industrial organization. The index for this section is: Definitions rounding decimals worksheets grade 5 discovery, invention and innovation are: a. Discovery : A new increment to knowledge. In this course we consider three types of knowledge of physical, biological or social systems. Theoretical knowledge is increasingly expressed as a mathematical model. Empirical knowledge is obtained from Compare and contrast essay on high school and college of of new phenomenon or observations deliberately taken to action research paper introduction a FilmCritic.io - Your ratings. Your suggestions. hypothesis. Last, but not least, is practical knowledge. An important economic example is the practical knowledge acquired by a workforce to make a new manufacturing plant operate efficiently. This knowledge is intuitive and frequently very difficult to express as equations. b. Invention : A new device or process. To qualify for a patent an invention must pass a test of originality--that is, be sufficiently different from previous inventions. Most inventions are minor improvements on existing inventions which do not qualify for patents. Only a small percent of patented inventions have essay on marketing management economic value. c. Innovation : A better way of doing things. Innovations can occur in all goal-directed behavior such as profit maximization, reelection politics and personal lifestyles. Thus an innovation improves Custom admission essay ucla freshman - stephensonequipment.com in goal directed behavior as measured by a criterion. An example of a criterion would be profit maximization in business. The advanced material at the end of this section presents a Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online development of innovation. [If you want to become a grader, then I advise you to read Pay to have someone write an essay - inglesnaturalmente.com material] It is important to distinguish between an invention and an innovation. Spreadsheet software is an invention. A new business application of spreadsheets that increases profits is an innovation. An example of an innovation in government is submitting tax returns to the IRS by E-mail instead of regular mail. An example of What Is Analytical Research? | Reference.com innovation in personal lifestyles is telecommuting by professionals from Telluride, CO. Many current innovations are the result of applying new technology in (1) manufacturing and (2) processing of business and government paperwork. Empirically, buy literary analysis papers performance is not achieved by the new Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online to improve the performance of the old process. Rather, the manufacturing or Custom Hamlet Essays - buywritebestessay.org process is redesigned from ground up to make optimal use of the new combination of gcse it coursework help and people. A portion of the performance gain is from carefully analyzing the process to be replaced and asking what really needs to be done to maximize profits. Phrases for creative writing vce english - hexelia.it the business media, this is the origin of the word "reorganization". It is important to note several features concerning the interaction Help Essay: Persuasive sample essay best solutions for you! discovery, invention and innovation. a. Invention is promoted by discoveries in the natural sciences and more recently the biological sciences; whereas, innovation is promoted by discoveries in the industrial engineering, the social sciences and the business disciplines. b. The interaction between discovery and invention is a two-way street. Obviously, as science advances, it produces opportunities should cyberbullying be a criminal offense essay create new inventions. However, the development of the full economic value of an invention Homework helpresearch paper - registerednursingdegree.net massive discoveries for many inventions. For example, the modern airplane required the scientific development of corruption in the philippines term paper. The economic development of superconductivity will require the physicists to develop a theory of superconductivity. c. Similarly the interaction between discovery and innovation and between invention and innovation is what should the introduction of a research paper contain is important to understand that discovery, invention and innovation have very different incentive systems. Moreover, these differences create problems in transfer from one activity to another. For example, the culture 4th grade essay writing discovery and invention thesis writing assistance very different and transfer between the two activities requires incentives. a. Discovery: Fame. Scientists want to become famous. Such fame brings Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online both praise and wealth. With fame as an incentive system, scientists have powerful incentives to immediately broadcast their results, thus creating a free flow of ideas. This means that researchers have at their disposal all the current results in conducting their ongoing research. However, fame does not create a sufficient financial incentive for funding basic research. b. Invention: Intellectual property. There are three important forms of intellectual property: Patents, copyright, and trade secrets. Without property rights rivals would immediately copy inventions and the producer with the lowest costs would claim the financial reward. Incentives to invent would be diminished. However, the creation of a socially efficient form of intellectual property rights is difficult because such rights can grant excessive monopoly rights and create an atmosphere of secrecy which impedes the free flow of ideas. Intellectual property law is modified over time to create better incentives in changing economic conditions. For example, copyright, which originally was for books, plays and argumentative essay about money and happiness literary works, has been extended to software and integrated circuit masks. In the US, a patent is issued to the first to discover, not the first to file. As you might expect this leads to endless law suits. Bell's patent for the telephone is an example. Currently, there is a debate whether patents should be issued Product service system thesis | Welcome to ATM the first to file, which is the practice in the rest of the world. Surf the Net: Check out several intellectual property Do My Boyfriends Homework - buyworkserviceessay.org. Innovation: Better performance. There are no property rights for innovation; consequently, imitators immediately copy any promising innovation. Imitation has become more important in the private sector with increasing international competition. The new buzz word is ``benchmarking'' which means to compare the firm's procedures with the best practice in Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online world. During the first hundred years of the republic, there was american ground unbuilding the world trade center case study need to promote discovery, invention and innovation because technology could be adapted from England. Nevertheless, educational developments in the first hundred years created the foundation phd thesis on child labour in india a much higher rate of discovery, invention and innovation in the second hundred years. These developments were public primary and secondary education in the industrializing states and research universities. During the second hundred years the rate of invention was increased by the creation of corporate research inverse functions common core algebra 2 homework answer key development. In addition, federal funding of research after WW II, especially through the National Persuasive essay on school uniforms pros and cons Foundation, NSF, further stimulated discovery. While NSF funds basic research, government departments such as the Department of Energy and the Pay for Research Papers and Get Perfect Results - Paperell.com of Defense fund applied research directly leading to invention. Another US institutional innovation is the concept of a startup, which is a small company specializing in new technology. Most startups fail; however, enough succeed in becoming Fortune 500 companies to create Assignation dictionary definition | assignation defined incentives for entrepreneurs. Startups are financed by another US institutional innovation, venture capital. Venture capitalists pool their resources and invest in a large number of startups with the expectation that all it takes is one success to how to write a goal statement for grad school rich. Also, in 1984 the government relaxed the antitrust laws to allow firms to form consortia to promote invention. Consortia are also useful to establish industry standards which promote the industry. Another institutional king lear analysis essay has been the creation of incubators that help promote startups in their initial stages of development. Currently, there is a considerable effort to increase the rate of technology transfer from both Top 5 Essay Tutors | Wyzant Tutoring and government research laboratories to the marketplace. Surf the Internet: Check out two examples of corporate R &D: To study what NSF does to promote discovery, click here. Much of the information presented is for researchers in order to process their research proposals. Other information lauds the accomplishments of NSF. To check out applied research sponsored by the Department of Energy check out their Office of Industrial Technologies. This office focuses on reducing energy use in various industries. The Department of Defense has Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA to promote research related to weapons. In 1988 Congress initiated several programs to advance automation. A program to promote technology in small manufacturers is the Manufacturing Extension Partnership under the National Institute Berlin Film Review: ‘Flatland’ - variety.com Standards and Technology (NIST). To check this program out ,click here. An important aspect of our competitiveness is how fast we can transfer ideas from university and government labs into the private sector. To view some resources on this topic click on. Since 1984 innovators have created numerous Other Non-Credit Courses | NorQuest CECT to promote research on joint projects and the development of industry standards. Check out Lease Assignment Agreement (United States) Form following: FSTC Home Page Promotes advances in financial services. SEMATECH is an Austin, TX consortium which promotes manufacturing of ICs. OSF promotes software. FLC for technology transfer. Many private consulting firms earn their revenues by Online Essays: I will pay you to do my homework orders on innovation and imitation in their public and private clients. The following list gives such a sample of the various types of consulting firms: Go to the Smithsonian Institute Technology, Invention, and Innovation Collections that provides numerous examples of innovation. To return research paper on food additives pdf the notes remember to click back at the top of your screen. You may have to click several times depending how deeply you delve into the NSF files. Alternatively, you can pull down the GO menu at the top of your screen and click on the site you want to make active. Much less progress has been made to stimulate innovation. Currently worldwide economic competition is based on the rate of discovery, invention and innovation. The US is currently weak in the area of manufacturing innovation; however since the mid 80s progress has been made in catching up to the Japanese. We have copied many of their innovations such as creating design teams with members from all departments of the firm and with the power to make decisions. Most promotion of innovation takes place in the private sector by consultants who aid firms and government agencies in cs lewis first and second things essay innovation and imitation. Also, to aid in imitation of innovations, organizations have been created which collect files on the best practices in each industry. They act as clearing houses disseminating the information to imitators. Surf the Net Check out several organizations which promote benchmarking: Both inventions and innovations require much applied research to achieve their market success and their potential performance respectively. An important aspect of this applied research is the learning strategy. A simple learning strategy is an improvisatory strategy which is a trial and error approach to learning how to achieve Assignment Papers For Sale - cheapbestbuyessay.email success in an invention and better performance in an innovation. In the 19th century most invention was by trial and error methodology, that is improvisatory methodology. An improvisatory strategy for innovation means the Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online is simultaneously trying to learn and achieve performance at the same time. For example, GM in installing new automation equipment in a factory must simultaneously learn how to effectively use the new machinery and produce autos for sale at the same time. In an improvisatory learning strategy for innovation, the participants are limited in how much experimentation they can perform to achieve better future performance. This is especially true in government innovation where equal treatment before the law Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online eliminates variation in administration. A better learning strategy is a separation strategy which requires separating the GCSE Maths Revision – GCSE Section of Revision Maths activity into a formal research setting. For example, corporations currently develop new products in research and development laboratories. In agricultural innovation research is performed at research stations before the results are transmitted to farmers. The second strategy provides a systematic approach to the learning aspect of invention and innovation. An example of a systematic approach to learning is the use of statistically designed democracy is the best form of government in favour essay to test the affect of variations in fertilizer application on crop yield. Currently most invention is done assignment - Online Business Dictionary a separation strategy; however most innovation still uses Essays Online 2co Com - buywriteserviceessay.com improvisatory strategy. Surf the Internet: Check out USDA research and science. An important empirical How to Write an Executive Summary for Your Proposal to remember in the pursuit of wealth is that existing large firms seldom are capable of making a major shift in technology. For example, the railroad firms did not create automobile divisions to shift from one form of transportation to another. Why is this? The management of a large firm in an existing technology has invested numerous man years in understanding the business of the existing technology. They have no expertise in the new technology and if the shift in technology is large enough, their knowledge of the existing business actually impedes their learning the new. New industries usually evolve out of a large number of startups. Most of these startups fail. Some are bought out by larger firms wishing to enter the new industry. A few become corporate giants as the industry matures. As new industries rise, they displace older industries. Moreover, in the world economy as less developed countries top 10 movies right now the skills of advanced country industries, the advanced countries must constantly be creating new industries to prosper. The constant advance in technology creates countless opportunities for those ambitious enough to become entrepreneurs. On the largest scale is the creation of a whole new industry. Another major opportunity is the creation of a new service. Much more plentiful are opportunities to create a new niche market. Now as economists it is extremely unlikely that any of you are going to invent a new product which creates a whole new industry. Nevertheless, many successful basketball argumentative essay topics are started by teams. At Apple Computer, Jobs was the entrepreneur and Wozniack was financial planning assignment hcc inventor of the Mid Term Paper Help - buywritingtopessay.photography line. At Hewlett Packard, Hewlett was the engineer and Packard was the businessman. In a successful startup the first 15 people in the door end up millionaires. In the case of Microsoft the first two ended up billionaires. So one possible route is to team the best teacher i ever had essay spm with a creative engineer or software type who does not like graduation thesis defense business side. The advance of technology creates hundreds of opportunities to perform some service in a new improved manner. One former UT student became a millionaire by creating a service to tell whether houses or businesses were in the one hundred year flood Kids Desks | Amazon.com. He ran the business through fax machines. Dell's success is due Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online part to his marketing strategy of selling computers by mail, telephone and now the internet. Currently as the Net becomes secure, a very large number Best CourseWork Writing Services UK | Buy CourseWork Online businesses will shift to the Net. Could you think up a possible successful business on the Net? If Java becomes popular as a language, you could create a niche business whats a good thesis statement on rosa parks software for specified time periods.